Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Classroom Update

Our class has been working on procedural writing in science. We have candy growing in the classroom. The first time it did not work and the candy is liquid and we had to do it again. 

We have a safe place to calm down for a moment. We have fidget tools in the safe place and pictures of a star, drain, pretzel, and balloon to help us breathe. We have 2 class photographers.

Our Safe Place:

We are learning about time today. Yesterday we made a crystal snowflake with pipe cleaners and borax solution. It is really pretty.

By: R.S.

Gingerbread Advent Project

This year our class wanted to raise money for charity during Advent. We decided to build a beautiful gingerbread house to raffle off.

We made the gingerbread from scratch and cut out the church template we found on Pinterest. We also did some research on Pinterest to see what parts we wanted to add to the scenery.
The trees were made out of ice cream cones, icing, licorice and sprinkles. The sprinkles were placed around the tree in a pattern. Students had to create a pattern and show what their "core" pattern was.

We measured the perimeter of our house in centimeters and used Mini-Wheats to figure out the area. The perimeter of the roof tile was 91cm and the area was 81 Mini-Wheats squared.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Elf on the Shelf in Grade 2

Today was a very special day. Right after first recess we noticed a pink present in our classroom. We all guessed at what it could be and we made a tally chart with our guesses. Eleven people guessed that it was an elf and they were...right!

Next, we opened the box and found that we had a boy elf! Miss.Amanda read us the story of the Elf on the Shelf. The book said that we needed to give our elf a name. We brainstormed our favourite names and voted.

Finally, our elf had a name and it is...Foxy!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Yesterday we watched a video/book called Don't Laugh at Me by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin. We talked about how we are all different and that God gave each of us special gifts. We brainstormed different ways that we could stop bullying and make others feel like they belong.

These are some of our ideas:
-be helpful (LC)
-be a peacemaker (LC)
-always share (IG)
-always lend a hand (AS)
-always help others (SF)
-be friendly (SK)
-always be respectful (SC)
-try to make sure everyone is included (RS)
-try to be fair (RF)
-love your family and friends (SV)
-always use nice words (DH)
-always thank God (AS)
-don't laugh at others, laugh with them (RS)
-don't call people names (KE)
-try to be fair to everyone, not just your friends (SC)

Here is a link to the video

Friday, 13 November 2015

Student Portal

Ottawa Catholic School Board has wonderful resources available for student/parent use. You can visit the Student Portal at https://sites.google.com/a/ocsbstudent.ca/k-6/ or click here. Students will be prompted to enter their email address and password. I have stapled a copy of this in your child's agenda today.


Base 10 Block Houses-written by Decila

On Monday Mrs.Marchant read us The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs!
First we took some 1s, 10s, 100s blocks and then we got started making houses out of the paper blocks.  After we glued all of the pieces, Mrs.marchant helped us add  up all of the pieces together. When we were all done. we sorted all of them into Even Street and Odd Street.  We stuck all of the house numbers in order from smallest to biggest and we maded it into Even and Odd Street and it looks 

Here are a few of our model houses before we made them out of paper. 

Friday, 6 November 2015

Pumpkin Math

Last week we spent some time exploring how we could measure pumpkins and as you can see...it was a big hit in our class! We brainstormed different ways we could measure a pumpkin on chart paper and spent some math time figuring out all of the different measurements.

After counting the seeds in groups of tens, we fitured out that there was 447 seeds in total.